Notey’s World Expands Board of Advisors to Drive Innovation in AI-Based Music Education

Monday, January 29, 2024

Columbia, SC – Jan 29, 2024 – Notey Inc, an award winning AI-based music instruction and education company, is excited to announce the expansion of its board of advisors. Founded in 2022, Notey Inc has rapidly emerged as a leader in music education by infusing instruction and gamification into practice sessions.

At the core of Notey’s mission is a commitment to enhancing the music learning experience for students while supporting music teachers in their educational endeavors. By integrating cutting-edge technology into its platform, Notey’s mobile music education game called Notey’s World provides a unique supplement to traditional teaching methods, engaging students and fostering a deeper passion for music.

"This is an exciting time for us," said Adithya Bellathur, co-founder of Notey. "We’ve been adding new tech to our app and growing quickly, bringing a new kind of music instruction experience to thousands of young people. The new advisors will help us immensely in the coming years."

Co-founder Mak Grgic added, "So much of our growth has come with the help of our advisors. When we started this company, we knew we would need seasoned investors and executives to help us reach our potential. We could not be more proud to have this group of advisors on our team."

The newly appointed advisors bring a wealth of expertise and experience to Notey:

  • Jeffry Allen

  • Ernest Chow

  • Jenej Fuzir

  • Beatriz Ilari

  • Ashwin Krishnamurthy

  • Janine O’Neill

  • Adam Philips

  • Peter Ragone

  • Chida Sadayappan

  • Quoc Tran

  • Rok Zorko

Notey, a graduate of the TechStars accelerator program in Washington, DC, is dedicated to expanding its offerings beyond guitars to include diverse musical instruments and content. The mobile app provides an immersive experience that combines the joy of music and gaming while facilitating learning and skill development.

Join the adventure, conquer challenges, unlock skins and levels, and elevate your guitar playing skills with Notey’s World!

About Notey’s World:

Notey’s World is a pioneering AI-based music instruction and education company committed to revolutionizing the music learning experience. Through its innovative platform, Notey’s World transforms practice sessions into engaging and interactive adventures, empowering students to develop their musical skills while having fun.

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