Notey Wins First Major Award, Earning InnoVision Award for Education and Technology

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Washington, DC  - Notey, the leading AI based music education company, was awarded the InnoVision Education award this week, just two months after the company launched their application in the Apple store.  Notey was selected as the winner in the category - altogether nearly 100 applications were submitted from around the country.

Notey is the first ever AI enabled, fully gamified music lesson app, geared towards younger users. As many parents know, music lessons are one of the most important aspects of a child’s brain development. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford lessons, or their schools have had to cut music education due to lack of funds. Some parents are in fact able to get lessons but need a helping hand when it comes to getting kids to practice. Notey helps solve all these problems while making it fun for the young musicians.

Notey partners with music teachers and students to add a bit of spice into the practice sessions. This is a supplement to teaching and works best as a tool to get the students extra-excited about practicing. Moreover, Team Notey is able to work with music teachers and schools to integrate existing curricula in the game!

“We are so grateful to receive this award because we believe it will eventually help millions of people to experience the wonder of playing musical instruments,” said Mak Grgic, a two-time Grammy nominated artist and co-founder of the company. “Music and gaming are a great combination. Music sets the mood and then the game pulls you in. This way we are applying extrinsic values such as rewards, upgrades, and power-ups to imprint the values of music practice,” he added.

“The opportunity to teach music to so many people is very exciting for us. There are also many ways that music and gaming intersect in the real world. We’ve made that intersection into a way to learn musical instruments and we hope to bring music into households worldwide,” said Notey co-founder Adithya Bellathur.

Notey was founded in 2022 and is currently participating in the TechStars accelerator program in Washington, DC. Notey currently supports guitar practice and playing but will be adding new content for other instruments early next year, while continuing to evolve the player experience into the AR realm with interactive AI feedback in the coming months.

Download the mobile app, choose your character, grab your guitar, and join in on the adventure that combines the joy of music and gaming all while learning along the way! Conquer challenges through sight reading, enjoy brain breaks, unlock skins and levels, and up your guitar playing skills. Try Notey's World now

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